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Ron Whitmore wants the clients of Integra Consulting to be 100% satisfied, and he's always interested in improving his services, so at the conclusion of each contract, he solicits client feedback. 

When clients were asked to rate the following characteristics on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being terrible, 2 bad, 3 OK, 4 good, and 5 exceptional), response averages were as follows:

  • Ease of Communication: 4.82
  • Trustworthiness: 5.00
  • Competence/Capacity: 5.00
  • Timeliness of Service Delivery: 4.82
  • Professionalism: 5.00
When clients were asked how satisfied they were you with the services provided by Integra Consulting, 45% said “My expectations were exceeded!”, and 55% were “Very Satisfied” (the other choices were "satisfied", "not satisfied", and "I need to hire someone else to fix the mess you made!").

Below are comments made from people who have worked closely with Ron Whitmore in the past:

Communications were extraordinarily clear, and the final products were exceptional.
   - Matthews M. Hamabata, Former President and CEO, The Kohala Center

My experience with Integra Consulting has been one of consistently exceptional and highly professional work. For us, what distinguishes the work is that we not only got the best and most cutting edge technical expertise and experience, but it came with a delivery style that can be characterized as humble yet active listening; a sincere exploration of and openness to context -- starting "where we were at"; a deep sense of caring and compassion for the issues that were at the core of our work; and a high moral and ethical standard. We highly recommend and have been spreading the word about Ron's work.
   - Bob Agres, Former Executive Director, Hawaii Alliance for Community Based Economic Development

Ron Whitmore, intelligence with a heart. I've worked with Ron extensively in the development of a community leadership development program for Hawaii County and found him to have a high level of integrity in the way he listens to citizens, incorporates their thinking and voices into a planning and implementation process, and is able to hold the "big picture" yet follow through with the details that often make or break a community process or project.
   - Puanani Burgess, Capacity Building Consultant, One Peace-at-a-Time

Ron has become an invaluable business partner and trusted friend. His ability to clearly, concisely and eloquently articulate systems-based social change efforts is a true gift. Brainstorming with Ron is particularly fun because of his ability to hone in on weaknesses or barriers from the 30,000 foot view as well as ground zero. His patience for process is also quite commendable. It is rare to find someone with such emotional and cognitive depth, breadth and balance. It's been a real pleasure collaborating with him on our projects. I'm already looking forward to more fun on future efforts!
   - Kevin Vaccarrello, Founder and Executive Director, Sustain Hawaii

Ron Whitmore is an exceptionally talented person. He is equally adept at planning and managing programs, and working in organizational and community settings. He's also a terrific writer, facilitator, team member. I especially admire his personal discipline and work ethic. Because of that, when you hire Ron you know things will get done on time and at a high quality level. I know all of this from experience: I've hired Ron several times in the past and have always found his work to be top-notch. For any organizational or community client, hiring Ron Whitmore is a "can't lose" proposition.
   - Frank A. Fear, Retired Senior Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Michigan State University

There have been just a handful of people with whom I have worked who are able to create and guide a complex project from visioning, to planning, to implementation. Ron Whitmore is one of those people and is a professional you want on your team.
   - Peggy Roberts, Coordinator, Power of We Consortium

I've worked with Ron Whitmore for over four years on a number of projects and committees. I've found him to be a person of impeccable integrity and multiple skills. He is easily one of the most highly-principled and multi-talented individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Ron has superb writing and facilitation skills. He possesses an exceptional ability to clearly articulate ideas and principles in a way that promotes shared understanding and inspires those he works with. Ron is unfailingly dependable; he can be relied upon to accomplish what he says he will do.
   - Melany Mack, Ingham County Health Department

Ron Whitmore is not only one of the smartest fellows I've run into, but a seasoned and polished facilitator, a terrific listener, and a real go-to guy when you need insight, energy, and commitment. He's not fearful of being a voice in the wilderness, and his honesty and integrity shine through in all he touches.
   - Terry Link, Former Director, Office of Campus Sustainability, Michigan State University

Ron Whitmore is exceptional in his ability to offer comprehensive assessment and incisive analysis. He organizes and presents information in ways that increase impact and promote understanding. Reports are thorough and recommendations are practical and helpful. He has helped to significantly advance our work. Ron is doing a phenomenal job!
   - Anonymous

I am so happy that a colleague recommended Dr. Whitmore for my project. I needed help with revising a community leadership manual intended for underserved populations. Dr. Whitmore quickly and efficiently made the changes we needed so that the material was more user-friendly. He understands the processes of community development and is a wonderful writer.
   - Patricia Farrell, Assistant Provost, University-Community Partnerships, Michigan State University

Mr. Whitmore was able to handle a complex contract from start to finish with little oversight. A most refreshing trait from a consultant.
   - Tony Lentych, former Executive Director, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan

Working with Ron on transforming the West Saginaw/Oakland corridor from an area bi-sected by two fast-moving one-way state highways into a healthy, walkable community has been a pleasure. Yes, the task is a difficult one, requiring decades-long vision and coordination of work with state and local bureaucracies, but Ron has kept a cadre of neighbors committed and on track. His ability to focus simultaneously on both the big picture and the details has helped us produce a detailed plan of work, with short and long term goals and desired outcomes. He is thorough and trustworthy and will be greatly missed.
   - Gretchen Cochran, Cochran Public Relations

Ron is a multi-talented individual and able to work with diverse individuals and groups. He has excellent writing skills and is very thorough and organized. He possesses a keen knowledge of community organizing and mobilization and has capacity in program, organizational and leadership development. He works very hard and is someone you can count on to do the very best at whatever he commits to do.
   - John Melcher, Associate Director, Center for Community and Economic Development, Michigan State University

Ron Whitmore is dedicated to improving the quality of life in neighborhoods and utilizing healthy neighborhoods as the foundation for community development. Ron is adept at organizing an ecological approach to community growth that brings together diverse sectors and stakeholders and builds a consensus around a shared vision for community well being. He brings the essential qualities of honesty, integrity and reliability to the public arena. Ron is organized and thoughtful and commands the respect of colleagues with whom he works.
   - Chuck Steinberg

We work with a volunteer group, and the group was confronting many of the problems that are common to similar groups.  Integra staff helped work through a process for how my office could support volunteers and strengthen their role. His performance was excellent, and we have made a lot of progress.
   - Peter Briggs, Director, Office for International Students and Scholars, Michigan State University

My experience with Integra is very positive. Mr. Whitmore went the extra step more than once on our project that involved the cooperation of multiple agencies. His professionalism and commitment to excellence were quite evident throughout the project.
   - Mike Brown, Former President, Capital Area United Way

I got to know Ron Whitmore's work through projects he developed to improve our community's food system and neighborhood business district. I am continuously impressed with his ability to move the community through the program development process -- from the problem ("We've got to do something about this!") to the vision ("This is what we'd like to see in 5 years.") to the plan ("Here's how to get there.") and, finally, to action ("Look what we've done!"). Most people don't have the patience, dedication, or skill set required to facilitate this type of work.

"I have also had the pleasure of serving with Ron on the Board of the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council. From his experience building a nonprofit from scratch, he brings a highly focused and intentional approach to management, which has helped Mid-MEAC develop a clearer sense of direction, with more conscientious and responsible policies and practices.
   - Jessica Yorko, City Council Member, Lansing, Michigan