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The "triple bottom line" concept refers to an expanded set of criteria for measuring business success. Those criteria include the traditional bottom line of financial success (i.e., profit) but also include two additional "bottom lines" related to the environment and community.

Integra Consulting measures its success against the criteria of ecological integrity, social commitment, and financial security.

Ecological Integrity
In the spirit of Gandhi's admonition to “be the change you want to see in the world,” Integra Consulting seeks to minimize its impact on the natural environment. Examples of its ecological action include:
  • Locating within a rehabilitated building in an urban core to counter the tide of urban sprawl
  • Eating a primarily local and organic diet
  • Maximizing water and energy conservation, including the use of solar water heating and photovoltaic power
  • Walking or biking as much as possible
  • Driving a diesel powered car that reduces emissions by averaging 40 mpg
  • Using EnergyStar certified equipment and appliances
  • Using non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and cleaners
  • Reducing consumption and waste, and reusing, recycling, and/or composting materials when possible.
Social Commitment
Integra Consulting is also committed to investing in the community. Ron Whitmore and his family play a variety of community leadership roles. In addition, they provide pro bono services and financial support (of at least 10% of profits) to many local and national organizations working for social, economic, and ecological justice.

Financial Security
The final goal of Integra Consulting is to provide for the health and development of its owner and his family.

 Ron Whitmore, intelligence with a heart. I've worked with Ron extensively in the development of a community leadership development program for Hawaii County and found him to have a high level of integrity in the way he listens to citizens, incorporates their thinking and voices into a planning and implementation process, and is able to hold the "big picture" yet follow through with the details that often make or break a community process or project.

- Puanani Burgess, Capacity Building Consultant, One Peace-at-a-Time

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